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About Diana


Diana started her yoga journey with Traditional Hot Yoga (also known as Bikram) in the fall of 2012. Her intentions were simple and the same as most - to become more flexible and physically fit.  However, this intense practice brought her much more. It taught her how to connect more deeply with her body and to discover the depth to her breath. It taught her to be more aware of her habits and choices, both inside of the yoga studio and outside in the real world. Stepping onto the mat time and time again gave her an opportunity to get to know herself better. This experience is what inspired her to do her first teacher training and to share yoga with others. 


Diana received her first 200-hour Vinyasa certification in the fall of 2016 followed by a 100-hour Traditional Hot Yoga certification in the spring of 2017. Ever since she has continued teaching group classes as well as working with multiple private clients.  

With the belief that there is always room for learning and growing Diana completed her two most recent trainings (500 hours) with Jared McCann at Lighthouse Yoga School.

In her classes Diana offers a well balanced sequence based on her student's needs, rooted in knowledge of anatomy and hours of teaching experience.


“and i said to my body. softly. ‘i want to be your friend.’ it took a long breath. and replied ‘i have been waiting my whole life for this.”

― Nayyirah Waheed



"Diana is a compassionate yoga instructor who is attentive to every client's unique needs. I started practicing weekly with Diana shortly after breaking my ankle, and am so impressed by the progress we have made in a year. She catered each session to help rehabilitate and strengthen my ankle, while also building muscles in other areas of my body. Week by week I saw myself get stronger & more confident with my practice which is a direct result of Diana's encouragement & support. I look forward to each session with Diana as she is a ray of positive sunshine & energy in my life."

Kelsey, 30, Commercial Producer

"I started my Hot Yoga practice in November of 2017, and have had Diana as my instructor on numerous occasions. Shortly after, I also incorporated Vinyasa in my practice, and for this, she has been my sole instructor. Her teaching style really resonates with me in both how she challenges and at the same time guides me in deepening my practice and growth. Her knowledge of anatomy combined with her intuitive approach with each student she teaches is really amazing. I am a regular student , and that I think is the highest recommendation one can give!"

Victor, 48, Pianist & Music Educator


"I’ve been working with Diana for over 4 years now. She was a huge part of my sobriety and helping me mentally with her practice.  She has a lot of patience and her encouragement will make you believe in yourself(even when you don’t).  I’ve seen a huge improvement and progress in my body, mind and soul.  She’s tough but can also make you laugh even in the hardest poses. She inspires me on and off the mat."

Gina, 35, Bartender

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